Journal List

The following journals are now using the Scholarly Exchange® service:

Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research - Society for Social Work and Research

Contemporary Management Research - Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research

Khyber Medical University Journal - Khyber Medical University (Pakistan)

Electronic Journal of Science Education - Southwestern University

Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction

Prefix - George Washington University

Public Writing - George Washington University

Women In and Beyond the Global - George Washington University

Policy Perspectives - George Washington University (Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration)

Science World Journal - Kaduna State University (Nigeria)

Journal of the Islamic Medical Association of North America - The Islamic Medical Association of North America

KCA Journal of Business Management - KCA University (Kenya)

Coriolis: Interdisciplinary Journal of Maritime Studies - Mystic Seaport Museum

Investigative Sciences Journal

Pakistaniaat - American Institute of Pakistan Studies

International Journal of Infection Control

Understanding and Dismantling Privilege - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Intersticios - Universidad de Murcia

SANE Journal - University of Texas - El Paso

International Journal of Advanced Electronics and Communication Systems

Journal of Educational Research and Innovation

e-Journal on Socio-Economic and Rural Development

International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research

Journal of Applied Leadership and Management

Journal of Humanistics and Social Sciences

The Practicioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology

Journal of Medical Educcation Perspectives

Journal of Research and Practice in K-20 Education

Journal of Public Interest IP

World Journal of Marine Biology and Oceanography

Recent Research in Biotechnology and Microbiology

The Bulletin for Node-Based Learning Development

Mediterranean Journal Hematology and Infectious Diseases

Plant Research

International Business Review

African Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy

International Journal of Ad Hoc, Vehicular and Sensor Networks

International Journal of Innovative Ideas

Journal of Christian Ministry

The Syllabus Journal

Contemporary English Teaching and Learning in Non-English-Speaking Countries

The Journal of Colorism Studies