Journal List

The following journals are now using the Scholarly Exchange® service:

Contemporary Management Research - Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research

Khyber Medical University Journal - Khyber Medical University (Pakistan)

Electronic Journal of Science Education - Southwestern University

Prefix - George Washington University

Public Writing - George Washington University

Women In and Beyond the Global - George Washington University

Policy Perspectives - George Washington University (Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration)

Science World Journal - Kaduna State University (Nigeria)

KCA Journal of Business Management - KCA University (Kenya)

Coriolis: Interdisciplinary Journal of Maritime Studies - Mystic Seaport Museum

Investigative Sciences Journal

International Journal of Infection Control

Understanding and Dismantling Privilege - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Intersticios: Revista sociologica de Pensamiento Critico - Universidad de Murcia

Journal of Educational Research and Innovation

International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research

Journal of Applied Leadership and Management

The Practicioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology

Journal of Medical Educcation Perspectives

Journal of Research and Practice in K-20 Education

African Journal Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy

Journal of Christian Ministry

The Syllabus Journal

Contemporary English Teaching and Learning in Non-English-Speaking Countries

Journal of Colorism Studies

Girls Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Undergraduate Research

Advances in Structural Engineering

Journal of Advances in Biomedical Studies


Tourism, Leisure and Global Change

ADC Review (Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates)

Canadian Journal of Montessori Education