For information about starting a journal or running a journal, from what your journal should look like on-screen to how to attract the best papers, recruit the top editors, archive the articles, or generate needed revenue - everything practical to maintain your journal - be sure to look over the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The information here reflects questions that editors have asked in the course of starting and running their journals.

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Getting Started

The following documentation (including videos and PowerPoint presentations) is available from the Public Knowledge Project's own site:

User Guide (pdf) (html) (the complete guide)

Customizing Your OJS Journal

Theme Gallery (downloadable templates to modify the look)

Creating a User Account in OJS (video)

Introduction to Use of Roles in OJS

Submitting an Article in OJS (video)

Reviewing an Article in OJS (video)

Getting Found, Staying Found, Increasing Impact: Enhancing Readership and Preserving Content for OJS Journals

Another source is an online monograph by David Solomon, PhD

Developing Open Access Journals: A Practical Guide

The Scholarly Exchange® Service Support Role

Our primary goal from a technical standpoint is to maintain the software platform fully operational at all times. We perform nightly backups with data kept on secure remote servers.

For technical questions that you might have about Open Journal Systems software, the Public Knowledge Project's active user forum is free and open to everyone. It is built upon the real-life experience of the many journals that have deployed OJS software at a variety of locations. Many of your questions have already been answered in the Forum and can be found with a quick search.

If you have questions about starting a journal or transferring it to the Scholarly Exchange® service's free platform, please write to us: