• Journal of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education

    The Journal of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education (JCAE) is an open access publication dedicated to the dissemination of research contributions by students around the globe focused on improving information security. JCAE is positioned as a platform for students, cybersecurity practitioners, and business managers to gain foundational knowledge so as to develop lasting solutions for the pervasive information security problems.

  • Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management

    This is the OJS for handling the submissions and review process for the forthcoming "MIT Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management."

  • El Río: A Student Research Journal

    Colorado State University Pueblo's open access, peer-reviewed journal, of student research.

  • Intersticios

    Revista Sociológica de Pensaimeitno Crítico
    / ISSN: 1887-3898

    Soporte: Open Journal System
    suministrado por la plataforma Scholarly Exchange (Global Editions).
    Administración y gestión: Universidad de Pittsburg: University of Pittsburg Library System.

    Primer número: enero de 2007 / hasta la actualidad

    DIRECTOR: Miguel A. V. Ferreira
    Contacto: /

    Departamento de Sociología Aplicada

    Facultad de CC. Políticas y Sociología
    Despacho 2301-B
    Campus de Somosaguas s/n
    28223 - Pozuelo de Alarcón



    Creeative Common CC BY  4.0

  • Journal of Neurotherapy

    In 2014 this title ceased publication. In May 2016 ISNR acquired the copyright for this journal and has converted the archived content to open-access format. The Journal of Neurotherapy: Investigations in Neuromodulation, Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience provides an integrated, multidisciplinary perspective on clinically relevant research, treatment, and public policy for neuromodulation techniques and applied neuroscience.


  • Science World Journal

    The Science World Journal (SWJ) [Online ISSN: 1597-6343; Print ISSN: 2756-391X] is an open access peer review online international journal published by the Faculty of Science, Kaduna State University. It is aimed at publication of cutting edge research across the sciences. The SWJ publishes multidisciplinary articles reporting on original research in the natural and physical sciences and their applications.

    The SWJ issues are published quarterly in March, June, September and December. The journal adopts two types of publication schedule:

    1.   Articles are published collectively as part of a single issue,

    2.   individual articles are published as soon as they have been reviewed and accepted for publication, which are then added to the current volume.